This subreddit account help does not state RuneScape gold

This subreddit account help does not state RuneScape gold exact email address

This subreddit account help does not state RuneScape gold exact email address, strange, rather almost as though they never attempted out client service to themselves, nor can not relate how awful it is to get into contact with an actual human being. So now we come to bugs, accounts help also say this and how it's done (leads to a busted link btw) so I would suggest, remove the bug flair and hide/delete all insect articles as this subreddit isn't meant as a insect report/ticket system, since you ought to be able to do so all via the in-game bug report"feature". The answer that is clear here is no and in a recent article of mine I also made clear that a overhaul of this bug reporting system is very long overdue. I should not have to rely on emails to work out how my send bug report's status is performing nor needing a Reddit post to describe myself.

We have done our very best to make it very apparent that this subreddit should not be support site, or a way to seek out help as best we could, together with our rule of"No posts regarding account aid", including filters to auto hide specific posts which would need to be manually approved. It will not help that users will see this or remake their posts to prevent this filter. We've also seen posts where users likely bought up votes, or share their own posts so as to get more attention. It is difficult to establish those in most cases, we can only base it off traffic we have each hour, and it seems shitty to maybe ban somebody who's looking for help.

We have also had some articles fall through the cracks, we eliminated much too late. A recent case in point is this post here, where it remained up for a couple hours, had several Jmod 2500 upvotes, gilded, replies, and a lot of comments. While it's nice to find cheap RS gold guy getting aid, we typically see a influx of other users hoping to look for aid soon after. Personally I'd prefer if Jmods wouldn't directly intervene as it shows a bad precedence, or only show them in which to submit a service ticket.As far as the dupe bug at the 2007scape sub, that is pretty normal for any gambling subreddit.