In a flash, everything became Dofus Kamas

In a flash, everything became Dofus Kamas pastoral and calm

In a flash, everything became Dofus Kamas pastoral and calm. They were sitting down to finish their game of chess. "His gaze is just like that of the early statues of Astrub. Mild, distant, and his voice, and severe, it's. The resonance of voices of the past which were silenced. Magus Ax was gone behind by the Wabbit. He looked at his compass and jumped away. You could not get up. You felt like you believed a million kilopods.You wanted to break your chains, then shout this location, these words, these dreams. Nothing made sense. But you were a spectator. A guest. Draconiros smiled. The Magus served him some more tea. You and I are the stuff dreams are made of."

He pointed into the chessboard, inviting Magus Ax to play and raised his cup. "Yet. We are different," continued Draconiros.Magus Ax transferred his knight, jumping over Draconiros's bishop and threatening his king. "Check!" Announced the Magus. Draconiros didn't bat an eyebrow, and continued his argument:"For me personally, dream and reality are two sides of the same coin -- inseparable. You. Twelvians. Constantly want to interpret them, to give them. If I may provide some advice to you. Don't look at them for a long time, do not get lost in themor you will become like your shadow." "You're right. We are different. I could believe in a dream. Dreams are full of lies," replied Magus Ax.

Draconiros moved the bit, threatening that the Magus's king and carrying a white pawn and placed his index finger. Announced Draconiros in turn. "I have learned that dreams reveal amazing items to those who can see closed eyelids." The chessboard seemed to buy Kamas Dofus Retro melt in the table. Magus Ax smiled:"We ought to agree to disagree, it sounds. Let's have this conversation later. The near future is a convenient place to put fantasies." Draconiros nodded in agreement. Then he abruptly turned to you, startling you:"You should be careful, adventurer. My fantasies are far from being sweet"