which could revive their Dofus Kamas game

Designated as the servers which could revive their Dofus Kamas game

Designated as the servers which could revive their Dofus Kamas game, Ankama is about to terminate the server Temporis.Arrivé April 24, the host Temporis managed to talk about him throughout the challenge he proposed. With only 3 weeks to make it to the most level and 10 000 points of success, this frenzied race has defeated the Dofus players. The deadline coming to an end, the server is going to be closed at July 31.

It is via a official announcement that Ankama has remembered this news, taking this chance to provide more details onto the server. The machine ends on July 31, you'll have two weeks, from this day, transfer your personality and to pack up. The transfer will of course be liberated, and all of your stock will be taken into account. So consider draining your banks, auction houses, but also your pencils to leave nobody behind! You will have to have a personality slot available to transfer your new adventurer.

During this time, the host will be in"non subscriber" mode, blocking any excursion.

The very first variant of AnkamaLive happened on Monday March 12 in the day and ToT, CEO and Creative Director of the firm Ankama was present and came back on his recent comments on Twitter associated with DOFUS, he subsequently unveiled us a job which was under study for DOFUS MMO: the coming of a dungeon mode with rules, an artistic leadership and a different economic model of Dofus as we know it.It are a Dofus game mode accessible from the current DOFUS customer as though it were a Dofus game host to which we generally associate. This mode of play could have its own rules, a balancing, an artistic direction different from that which we can see in the recent Dofus sport and a different financial model based to buy Kamas Dofus Retro Play. (using a store to get cosmetic items)