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Most of the times as you connect the printer via USB cable the drivers automatically get installed on the PC however otherwise you need to download the specific drivers as per the HP Printer model number and get it installed manually.

5 ways to Fix fatal errors when installing HP Printer in windows 10

Installing HP Printer for the first time to your windows 10 computer or may be after clean re-installation of windows. The first thing we need to do is to install drivers for HP printer to perform any print job. You should ensure that you are using right drivers to install HP printer just because every HP printer will work only from its specific drivers otherwise will end up giving fatal device or printer error.

Most of the times as you connect the printer via USB cable the drivers automatically get installed on the PC however otherwise you need to download the specific drivers as per the HP Printer model number and get it installed manually.

In both situations HP printer driver installation is simple and takes just a few minutes, however it may get complicated for few users when the driver files are damaged or the windows environment is not supportive to the driver for communication to the HP printer. In this situation the Operating System will not detect the HP printer and throws fatal errors.

Here we have listed all the fatal errors for HP printers with Quick Fix for these fatal issues.

Very common fatal errors with HP printers are:

  • Error Code- 28 The drivers for this printer is not installed. To reinstalled driver click Reinstall Driver.
  • Fatal Error – 2753 MSI.dot4wrp
  • Fatal Error – OK
  • Error - A Fatal Error Occurred preventing printer use.

Fix for Fatal Error in Windows 10

Solution 1: Deactivate HP Smart Install

HP Smart Install is an application that comes bundled with HP printer software media. Although HP has stopped supporting the application as it created issues with HP printer drivers if installed with drivers.

Follow the following steps if you are getting fatal errors during HP printer Driver Installation.

  • On the Printer Screen go to Setup and then select Service.
  • Open HP Smart Install and select disable from the options
  • Try installing the HP printer drivers again.

Check if deactivating HP smart install feature fixes the error. If the error persists the perform next solution.

Solution 2: Disconnect and Reconnect the HP printer

Turn Off the power source of the printer and disconnect the USB cable from the HP printer and also from the computer. Wait for 10 seconds and reconnect the USB cable to the printer and connect the other end of the USB cable to a good working USB port on the computer. Now connect the power cable and Turn on the HP printer. Now try installing the drivers again and see if the error appears again.

If you are still getting error, then proceed to next solution.

We understand that its quite frustrating at times to fiddle around the cables and stuff, in fact everyone might not be very comfortable dealing with cables and electronic gadgets. Here we strongly suggest to dial HP Printer Support Phone Number +1-866-932-7634 and get help from our expert certified technicians to resolve your issues. Our technicians are highly experienced and trained on tech methodologies to get the resolution done in minutes.

Solution 3: Delete the Printer from Printers control panel

This is how we remove the printer drivers from printer control panel if previously installed and may be conflicting with the current installation.

  • On the search bar of windows 10 type Printer and click on Printers Scanners in the list appears.
  • Select any HP printer listed in the printer lists and click on remove device from the top.
  • Restart the computer once the device is removed.
  • Once restarted on Press Windows and R and on the Run window type PrintUI.exe /s
  • Printer server properties will get opened, Click drivers tab
  • Remove any listed HP printer
  • Click on Remove driver and driver package option and click ok.
  • Try to install the driver again and see if the error appears again, If the error persists then move to next solution.

Solution 4: Run Windows Troubleshooter
Windows 10 has a built in windows troubleshooter for devices which resolves the common issues with devices and device drivers.

  • Go to Setting and click on updates and Security
  • Go to Troubleshoot, in Get Up and Running section
  • Click on Printer and the click on run Troubleshooter button to proceed.
  • Now the troubleshooter will run its diagnostic and perform the steps to resolve the issues
  • It may ask you to change certain settings as recommended to fix the issue.

Try the driver installation again to check the error, if the error comes again then proceed to next solution.

Solution 5: Let windows install drivers for you

Windows 10 comes with bundled drivers for most of the devices including HP printers. These drives get installed automatically as and when you connect the HP printer via USB or wired and WIFI connections.

We can manually install the HP printer drivers using windows 10 using following steps

  • In search bar, type Add printer and click to printer and scanners
  • Click to Add a Printer or Scanner and follow the instructions to add the desired HP printer.

After the printer driver is installed, try printing a test page. Also try printing a sample document, if the sample document prints then the HP printer is installed perfectly with desired drivers.

If the sample document printing fails, then it’s time to call HP Printer Support Phone Number +1-866-932-7634 for immediate attention on HP printer installation. Dial HP Support Number and get instant and guaranteed solution from our highly experienced Printer experts.

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